How To Clean Dog Diarrhea From Carpet

Dogs are a beloved and treasured part of many people’s life however, dealing with dog poop is never fun, especially when it comes up on your carpet.

It can be difficult to remove the mess, and if not cleaned properly, it can leave an unpleasant odor and stain behind. However, with the appropriate tools and strategy, you can remove canine diarrhea from your carpet and restore it to an immaculate state.

In this article, we will detail a step-by-step procedure for cleaning canine diarrhea from your carpet. 

Steps To Get Dog Diarrhea Out Of Carpet

Before we get on with our step-by-step procedure. It is very important to realize that pets smelly business specially a dog’s poop or diarrhea contain many different types of infectious bacteria and protozoa which are highly likely to be transmitted to humans during their mission clean up. The diseases that are transmitted to humans from animals are called “zoonotic diseases”. Hence, before taking any action you must take precautionary steps like wearing gloves and masks to avoid any transmission of disease. 

Step 1: Remove As Much Poop Out Of Your Carpet As Possible

The first step in cleaning dog diarrhea (or dog vomit) from carpet is to remove as much as possible as quickly as possible.

This can be accomplished with the help of gloves, paper towels, or a plastic scraper. The goal is to get rid of as much solid and liquid debris as possible while not pushing it deeper into the carpet fibers. It is critical to avoid rubbing or scrubbing the carpet as this can spread the stain or make it more ingrained.

Remove As Much Poop Out Of Your Carpet As Possible
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Step 2: Blot And Clean Diarrhea Out Of The Carpet

After you have wiped out as much of the diarrhea as possible, blot the affected area with a clean cloth.

This will aid in the absorption of any remaining liquid and will prepare the region for cleaning. To avoid dye transfer into the carpet, use a white or light-colored cloth. The procedure should be repeated until the area is mostly dry.

Blot And Clean Diarrhea Out Of Carpet

Step 3: Apply A Cleaning Solution

Once the affected area is mostly dry, it’s time to apply a cleaning solution.

There are a variety of industrial carpet cleaning products on the market, but you can also easily create your own solution with common household goods. For example, a solution of water and vinegar mixed 50/50 can be highly effective in eliminating stains and odors.

Another plus point of using a vinegar solution is that it not only helps clean and remove the mess – but can also kill the germs or the infectious agents present in diarrhea.

Allow the solution to penetrate the stain by applying it to the afflicted area and allowing it to sit for a few minutes.

Step 4: Remove The Stains From The Carpet

Gently work the affected area in a circular motion with a soft-bristled brush or a clean cloth.

Scrubbing too vigorously can damage the carpet fibers and push the stain deeper – so be careful here.

Step 5: Apply An Odor-neutralizing Product

Even after cleaning, dog diarrhea can leave a distinct odor.

To get rid of the odor, apply an odor-neutralizing substance to the afflicted region. There are several solutions on the market that are specifically designed to eradicate pet odors – or again – you can make your own DIY solution using vinegar, baking soda and water.

Step 6: Dry The Carpet

After cleaning and deodorizing the damaged area, allow the carpet to dry completely before stepping on it or replacing any furniture.

Opening windows, putting on fans, or using a dehumidifier can help speed up the drying process. Avoid walking on the carpet until it is totally dry.

Break the cycle of pet accidents

Step 7: Break The Cycle

If your dog is having frequent diarrhea accidents then it may be best to seek a vet’s opinion as it may be due to an underlying illness or issues with their food.

It may also simply be an issue of training your dog to control their toilet habits better as well. There are professional dog trainers that can help if this issue seems to be behavioural in nature.


In conclusion, cleaning dogs’ diarrhea from your carpet may appear to be a difficult task, but it is possible with the appropriate methods.

Remember to act fast to remove as much of the debris as possible, then blot the area with a clean towel, use a cleaning solution, scrub the damaged area, apply an odor-neutralizing product, and let the carpet dry fully.

You may return your carpet to its original state and eliminate any unwanted odours by following these procedures.

It’s important to remember that accidents happen, and with patience and determination, you can clean up any mess your beloved companion leaves behind.


How to get dog diarrhea stains out of carpet?

To remove dog diarrhea stains from carpet, start by removing any solid waste, blotting the area with a clean cloth, and then applying a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it away with a damp cloth. You can also use a cleaning solution of your choice to do the same.

How to clean wet dog diarrhea from carpet?

When cleaning wet dog diarrhea from carpet, use a plastic bag to pick up any solid waste, and then use paper towels to blot up as much of the liquid as possible. Apply an enzymatic cleaner specifically designed for pet messes, following the instructions on the label.

How to clean dog diarrhea smell from carpet?

To clean the smell of dog diarrhea from carpet, use an enzymatic cleaner to break down the odor-causing molecules. Apply the cleaner liberally to the affected area, let it sit for several minutes, and then blot it up with a clean cloth. Repeat the process as necessary.

How to clean dog diarrhea from carpet with baking soda?

To clean dog diarrhea from carpet with baking soda, first remove any solid waste and blot up as much of the liquid as possible. Sprinkle baking soda over the area, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and then vacuum it up. Follow up with an enzymatic cleaner if necessary.

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