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How to Deodorize a Mattress

The mattress you sleep on sees a lot. You lie on it every night, and probably use it in the daytime hours, too.

Most of us will keep our mattresses for years – and it’s bound to get smelly! If you’re struggling with a bad smelling mattress and what to do something about it, just keep reading.

Here, we’ll go through some great ways to deodorize your mattress, but a few tips on how to keep it smelling fresh. 

How to Deodorize and Freshen Up a Mattress

How to Deodorize and Freshen Up a Mattress

Method 1 – Water and Vinegar

Since vinegar is great at neutralizing odors, it only makes sense to use it on your mattress! This is a great option for anyone who is sensitive to chemicals they might otherwise have to use on their beds. To use this method, all you need to do is the following:

Get a spray bottle and mix in distilled water and vinegar at a 1:1 ratio. All you need to do is simply spray the solution onto your mattress (or anywhere else that smells), and wait for it to air dry! Be careful not to soak the mattress, though. 

This is one way to spot clean your mattress

Method 2 – Baking Soda

Baking soda is another substance that’s great for neutralizing odors. Just add some baking soda to your flour sifter and sprinkle it over the mattress.

Allow everything to rest for at least 30 minutes, but you can leave it for up to 24 hours safely. 

To get the best results, make sure the windows and curtains to the room are open so that natural sunlight can get inside.

The sunlight will help dry up any moisture that the mattress is holding, which will help get the bed smelling even fresher.

Once the time is up, you will need to vacuum the mattress and make sure all the baking soda is out. 

Method 3 – Cornstarch

Cornstarch is great for absorbing oils, and body oil is likely to be contributing to your bad smelling mattress.

All you will need to do is mix together some cornstarch and baking soda, and sprinkle it over the surface of the mattress.

Like regular baking soda, you will need to leave this mixture on the mattress for some time – 24 hours is best.

Once 24 hours have passed, vacuum the powder up, and you should have a deodorized mattress.

Method 4 – Essential Oils

Essential oils smell good, we all know that! Have you ever thought about using essential oils to freshen up your mattress, though? If you’d like to, it’s super simple.

All you need to do is get your favorite essential oils, mix them with some baking soda, and sprinkle it over the mattress! 

The best scents for a calming effect include lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, or peppermint.

However, it’s important to note that certain essential oils should not be used around pets or young children for safety reasons.

Before using essential oils in an area where children or pets go, do some research. Additionally, try to ensure that you use 100% natural essential oils, as many products have added ingredients that can be harmful. 

If you decide to use essential oils to freshen up your mattress, the effects should last for a couple of days. Feel free to top up the scent as you wish, but be careful to not overdo it!

Tips for Keeping Your Mattress Fresh

Deodorizing your mattress is all well and good, but there are things you can do to prevent it from smelling in the first place! Of course, these won’t stop your mattress from gathering oils and scents over a long period of time, but it will slow down the process. Check out the simple tips you can follow to keep your mattress smelling better for longer:

Keep Your Bedding Clean

It’s as simple as that! Wash your bedding regularly, and your bed will stay smelling fresh.

You should wash your duvet covers, pillow cases, and sheets every week if you are able to. Doing this will get rid of oils and skin cells that gradually accumulate there over time. 

For the best results, you should wash your betting on a high heat, though always check the label before doing this.

By using a high heat, you will be killing the bacteria and germs hiding in there. As a result, you will get crisp, fresh bedding you can enjoy!

Let Air Circulating in Your Room 

We all know the dangers of living in a humid or damp environment. Pests love it, and before long, you will have to deal with fungi, dust mites, and a host of other unwanted entities (possibly including maggots!).

Make sure you open up your windows for a few hours a day to let fresh, clean air circulate through the space.

This will help ensure that everything remains dry in the room. When things stay dry, it is more likely to smell pleasant and fresh – no more bad smells!

Get a Mattress Protector

Finally, get a mattress protector! This simple piece of kit goes a long way for preventing skin cells and oils from penetrating your mattress in the first place.

These things should fit over the mattress and form a protective layer. Some protective sheets or mattress protectors feel a little plastic-y, but there are plenty out there that are perfectly comfortable.

Find a mattress protector either in a store or online, and you will notice how well it works in no time.

They are pretty inexpensive, and you will wonder why you weren’t using one before – we promise!

Final Thoughts

Having a smelly mattress is very unappealing for everyone involved. Trying to go to sleep with that lingering smell can make life pretty difficult, but we’ve all been there! The difference is that you now know exactly what steps you can take to a) deodorize your mattress, and b) prevent your mattress from smelling in the first place! 

Hopefully this post has been helpful, and you can now go and deal with that stinky mattress. Good luck and have fun cleaning!

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