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How to Style Your Coffee Table: 10 Ideas to Keep it Functional and Chic..

Many of us use coffee tables as a place to collect loose change and forgotten tea cups. But coffee tables are actually an essential part of your living room decor. Yes, they have to be functional, but they can also be stylish and a real focal point in the room.

But how should you style your coffee table? How can you ensure it’s practical while also decorative?

In this in-depth guide, we’re going to give you all our tips and ideas on how to style your coffee table so it matches your unique taste but still functions as a place to put down crockery.

Coffee Table Decor Tips and Styling Ideas

#1: Use a Tray

We’re big fans of using trays on coffee tables. Regardless of how big your coffee table is or its shape, trays help to keep things organised and can also bring different textures and colours to the table. They’re a neat place to put coasters, small decorative items, and books and notepads.

Not only do they keep everything organised but trays can easily be removed if you want to play a board game or put out some food. They can be different materials to add to different interior designs, including wood, glass, marble or acrylic.

#2: Add Some Greenery and Flowers

Plants and flowers are a great way to bring freshness to a coffee table decor. There are so many ways you can style them, including larger branches for height and lower-level bowls of succulents for texture.

Dried greenery, such as eucalyptus or bunny tails, is a long-lasting way of adding natural elements to a coffee table and fresh flowers can add a beautiful touch of colour. Plants and flowers can also be a great way of minimally decorating your coffee table throughout the year. For example, poinsettias at Christmas can bring a burst of colour without being over the top.

#3: Use Books of Varying Size

They’re called coffee table books for a reason – and not just because they give your guests something to read while you’re making the coffee. Books can be a great way of adding height, dimension and colour to your coffee table. Coffee table books tend to be larger which helps to reduce chaos and clutter and bring a sense of organisation to the table.

#4: Use Candles and Diffusers

Candles and diffusers can help to make a space cosy while also adding an aroma to the room. Taper candles can help to add height and large candles can act as a centrepiece for your coffee table. You could also group candles together to create a focal point of varying heights. Just remember the rule of three to create balance and ensure it’s visually appealing.

#5: Use Bowls

Bowls are another great way to keep things organised and add style to your coffee table. Think about playing around with size and materials and even filling them with fresh fruit or natural objects such as shells, pinecones or driftwood.

#6: Play With Height

One hurdle that many of us have to overcome with coffee tables is that they feel low and flat. They’re naturally not as imposing as other types of tables which can make them dull and a little forgotten. Playing with height is a great way for coffee tables to come into their own and look chic, stylish and classy. 

Upturned boxes, stands and pedestals are brilliant additions to any coffee table. They help to draw the eye upwards and create a dynamic display. You can put other things on them too, such as candles, ornaments, books or hanging plants.  

#7: Find Decorative Boxes

Boxes, like trays, help to keep coffee tables organised and functional. But, decorative boxes can add charm and character to a coffee table too. Try ornate or colourful boxes to draw the eye or more neutral ones if your coffee table is already quite busy. They can be used to hide away common coffee table clutter such as remotes, spare change and matches.

#8: Add Something Fun

Coffee tables are often a piece of furniture that people sit around, so adding something fun or quirky can be a great conversation starter. Think about ornaments or an object you picked up from travelling. Something that’s a little different will grab people’s attention and it will also make your coffee table unique to you.

#9: Use Sculptures

Sculptures come in all different shapes and sizes and are excellent additions to a coffee table. You could use a minimalist one as a book topper or a more ornate one that draws attention. Whatever you choose, bear in mind that you don’t want to make your coffee table cluttered and that playing with height is important.

#10: Mix Up Materials

Texture is an essential part of interior design and not something you should forget about when it comes to your coffee table. You can mix woven materials such as macramé with stone or wood to create a subtle contrast. Likewise, think about the material of a vase – wood and metal are less likely to break should they get knocked over, but can look stunning with real or faux flowers in them. 

How to Style Your Coffee Table – Final Thoughts

There are several things to think about when styling your coffee table. Something that many people forget is that it still needs to be functional. There needs to be space for coffee cups and even to put your feet up if you want to relax. Try to make sure it’s balanced and not cluttered and remember to stick to the rule of three. Group items in threes with varying heights, such as a flat book, a bowl of succulents and a taller candle. This helps to create a playful yet designed display that’s also functional.

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