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10 Lighting Ideas For Small Bathrooms

The lighting you choose for your bathroom can make or break the feel and functionality of the room, especially if you’re working with a small room. If it’s too dark, it can feel even smaller, plus it’s not as practical when using the facilities. But if there’s too much bright or white light it can feel very clinical, almost like you’re in a hospital. 

With this in mind, you need to think about the importance of lighting in your small bathroom. This will help to ensure that you create a comfortable and revitalising space that makes you feel relaxed, whilst also being practical. 

So, in the guide below, we’re going to shine a light on which fixtures and lighting styles work best for smaller rooms, and therefore, which lights you should choose to get the most from your bathroom. 

1. Choose swivel heads 

One way to ensure that you can maximise the light in your bathroom and direct it to where you need it is with by using swivel lights. 

If you choose those mounted to a bar, that has a spotlight on a swivelling head, you can adjust and move the lighting so that it shines where it is needed the most. Plus, you can change these as and when you need to, ensuring that your bathroom is functional for years to come. 

2. Opt for illuminated mirrors 

If you want more lighting but you are limited on wall space, why not kill two birds with one stone and get an illuminated mirror? This combination not only opens up the room and provides more light when using the bathroom, but it is also a great space-saver. 

Not to mention these are often soft lighting, so they can be perfect for creating a cosy ambience or adding extra light when doing make-up or beauty regimes. They are also very practical. 

3. Increase space with spotlights

Now, this one is a big one as there is so much you can do with spotlights, including the swivel heads we mentioned above. That is why they are absolutely ideal for smaller bathrooms. 

For one thing, they are classic and simple but they look great. For another, they are small and don’t take up a lot of space like other light fixtures, which is ideal in smaller rooms. These can be used in tight spaces or for highlighting specific areas, and we’re going to share a few more spotlight ideas with you below. 

4. Add spots to recesses 

If you have alcoves or architectural details like recesses anywhere in your bathroom, you can use this space to add lighting to double the impact. For example, this could be above mirrors or around pipework, so this space does not go to waste, but you also get a more interesting lighting effect. 

5. Highlight shelves 

Just as lights can shine down from alcoves and little nooks, you could also add spotlights above or below your shelves. That way, they can highlight the spaces over or under said shelves and add some additional lighting to the room.

In particular, if you can fit shelves into an alcove and add lights to these, you get a wonderful effect and a very practical space. 

6. Utilise sconces and lamps 

Wall-mounted sconces can help to effectively illuminate different areas of your bathroom. For example, you could mount a sconce on either side of a mirror to save space while increasing the light being reflected around the room. 

Better still, you can choose patterned or unique sconces to add to the overall style of your bathroom. Alternatively, you could paint them the same colours as the walls so they blend in seamlessly, but also provide that much-needed light. 

No matter what you choose, these can be a really beautiful addition to any bathroom. 

7. Think about different lighting circuits

We’ve talked about spotlights and sconces, and these can have a real impact on the lighting in your small bathroom. But have you thought about how each light will act and operate? 

It can be a nice idea, particularly in a small room to have your lights on different circuits if possible. That way, you can create a warm, cosy ambience when you need to, but you can also flood the room with light when you want/need it to feel bigger. 

8. Try different types of lighting 

Of course, it doesn’t just have to be ceiling or wall-mounted light fittings that you add to your small bathroom. You should also think about other lighting accessories like candles, lanterns and other forms of mood lighting. 

This can be great if you want to shut off the main source of light and transform your small bathroom into a cosy and relaxing space. For example, when having a bath or shower to unwind at the end of the day. 

9. Decorate with light colours  

Although not strictly about the lights themselves, you need to consider how you decorate and how this impacts the light in the room. 

In a small bathroom, light colours on the walls, ceiling and floor are the key to making the room feel bigger. That could also include the tiles as well. That is why it is a good idea to choose shades like white, cream or light greys. 

That way, whatever fixtures you choose, the light will reflect off these surfaces more easily and can really help to make the room feel brighter and more open.

10. Add high-shine elements 

Similarly, even if you choose the best lighting options, there is only so much you can do in your small bathroom, so you need to maximise every aspect of the space. One way to do this is to choose high-shine finishes that are going to reflect the light and make the room feel bigger. 

For example, high-shine taps, towel racks and accessories, large or multiple mirrors, and shimmering tiles can catch the light and reflect it around the room. If you have gone with stainless steel, you can also look into polishing it for a glossier finish.

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