What Cleaners Are Safe For Granite?

Granite is a great material choice when it comes to a kitchen because it is very durable and it looks timeless.

In a few years, you will not regret the decision made about choosing a granite countertop.

In fact, granite is so hard wearing that it is often used to memorialize people.

For example, Mount Rushmore, or even the Washington Monument. Need we say more?

However, when it comes to cleaning the granite surfaces, you may have found a lot of different advice, especially when it comes down to what to use.

One thing you may be surprised to hear is that you do not need a special granite only cleaner.

In this article, we shall look at some of the best cleaners (from using dish soap to an all-purpose cleaner) that will leave your countertops looking shiny and spotless, as well as give you some advice. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look!

Never Use Harsh Substances

Before we get started on what to use, there are a few things you will want to avoid.

Harsher, more acidic cleaning products should never be used on granite because over time it will wear down the sealant. 

Think of it this way, the more you use such strong chemicals, the faster the sealant will start to break down.

So what are these harsh cleaning products?

They are anything from bleach and ammonia, to natural ingredients like lime, vinegar and lemon.

Whilst the latter may be a good choice for other materials (think metals), they should never be used on stone (especially marble). 

And while we are at it, avoid using anything like hard bristled brushes that will scratch at the granite.

Stick to soft microfiber cloths and old, clean rags. 

Always Check The Granite Is Sealed

Because you should not be using any cleaners directly onto the granite itself, you will want to make sure it is still sealed properly. 

This is the very thin sealant that protects the stone from liquid spills because as you might already know, rocks are very porous – though not as much as marble. 

The granite should already be sealed, but over time it can wear down.

So, to check that it is all hunky dory, place a few drops of cold water onto the granite and leave it for a few minutes.

If it has soaked into the granite, then you will need to get it resealed before even thinking about cleaning it.

If the water is still there, then you are good to go and the sealant is intact. 

Using Dish Soap

Using Dish Soap

One of the easiest and simplest ways to clean a granite countertop is by using dish soap. All you need is the basic kind, so nothing specialized is required. 

This option is best for everyday cleaning, as it is gentle enough to not wear down the sealant.

It is also really simple to do, and does not require anything more than squirting some dish soap onto a soft sponge and wiping the surface dry.

Even so, here are some simple steps to using dish soap on a granite surface:

  • Wet a soft sponge under a tap and apply dish soap into the center. Give it a squeeze and massage the area to get all of those soap suds flowing. Once they are in abundance, squeeze the excess water away.
  • Use circular motions on the countertop to gently remove any loose debris and bacteria. This technique will not remove stains, so do not attempt to scrub at them.
  • Once you are finished cleaning the granite, you will want to dry it all as soon as possible. Using a microfiber cloth will help to remove any water marks and streaks, and it will soak up any excess water.

Baking Soda For Spot Cleaning

If you have an oil stain, then baking soda is a good way to remove it. Add a few drops of water to a teaspoon of baking soda until a paste is formed.

Wipe the paste onto the stain and leave it for a few minutes, before wiping it away with a damp sponge. 

Using A Commercial Cleaner

If you are not a big fan of using something soapy to clean your granite countertop, then you could always opt for a specialized cleaner.

It takes out all of that guesswork of what might actually clean the granite, and what is safe to use on it.

Not only that, if you do not mind wiping down the countertop everyday to remove grime but would rather also have a ‘stronger’ cleaner to use weekly, then a commercial product will do the job well. 

Here are some kitchen safe cleaners that we like: 

Method Daily Granite Cleaner Spray

Method is a great brand if you prefer to use natural-based cleaners.

The company uses plant-based ingredients and are free from the likes of parabens and phthalates. Oh, and they are completely cruelty free, too.

Because it is a dedicated granite cleaner, it also gives you peace of mind that you are not ruining the stone.

Plus, it is super easy to use too. All you need to do is spray it onto the surface and then wipe away with a soft cloth. 

Trinova Granite Cleaner

This cleaner was created with premium countertops in mind which is good enough for us.

The non-toxic formula has a neutral pH in order to not wear down the stone. 

In fact, it can be used on any stone, anywhere. So if you have stone floors and want to make them shine, then this will do the job.

It is also simple to use: just spray and wipe for a clean and shiny surface. 

Final Thoughts

If you have an expensive granite countertop (or even a floor), then you will want to keep it looking its best to avoid it wearing down over time. 

Whilst it might seem like a tricky thing to get right, there are many safe and simple ways to clean granite. 

From using commercial cleaners to dish soap, there is an option for everyone!

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