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Where do you place rugs?

Rugs are perfect for adding warmth and style to your home. Whether you have hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpet, read on for great tips on rug placement and which rooms they work well in.  

How do you choose the correct rug?

Work out if you would like your rug to blend into the space and be harmonious with the room, or if you want a rug that is the feature of the room, something with bold textures, colours, and prints. One of the most important things to remember is size! Too small, and the rug will be lost in the space. Ideally, the rug should be large enough for some furniture to touch.

Things to consider when purchasing a rug:

    • Look for a lighter rug to contrast your lounge/sofa.

    • Darker rugs will make the area appear smaller.

    • Lighter rugs will give the illusion of the space being larger.

    • All furniture in the room should touch a part of the rug.

    • Always use non-slip bases to prevent rugs from slipping.

    • Place furniture on the rug where possible; this prevents a tripping hazard and anchors the room.

Where to place rugs in the living room?

The size of your living room will determine the size of your rug. If you have ample space with a big lounge, a rug that runs the sofa’s length will be visually better. Place a part of the furniture on the carpet. This might be all the legs or, depending on space, just the front legs. For a smaller space, still look at a larger rug as you want to avoid a small rug looking lost in the room, making the room look empty, but you also do not want a rug so big you cannot create a path around it. Always centre the rug in the space and allow clearance on all sides. This defines the traffic path through the room.  

Do you place rugs in Hallways?

Runner rugs are perfect for Hallways and entryways.  Make sure to measure the area before you purchase!  Remember to leave enough room for the front door to swing open. Otherwise, you will constantly pull and kick the rug out of the way.

Hallway runners need to fit the space and shape of the hallway and never have the rug running into other rooms. Visually, this doesn’t look very clear. As hallways are high-traffic areas, choose a material that can handle wear and tear.  The runner should define the space to help leave a gap down each side of the runner. Runner rugs come in various colours, textures and designs like square rugs. Choose what suits your style to complement the home’s décor.

Where to place rugs in the bedroom?

The most popular area for a rug in the bedroom is under the bed. Depending on the size of your bedroom will help to determine the size you purchase. There are no rules about placing the rug entirely under the bed, including the side tables to the headboard or two-thirds of the way under the bed. It’s your choice. Make sure to leave enough edging on either side for your feet. When you get out of bed, a soft plush rug to sink your feet into feels like a luxury.  Children’s bedrooms are a place to add a fun, colourful rug. This can be a space for them to play in and make their bedroom cheery.  

Can you place rugs outside?

The answer is yes, I love outdoor rugs. They help define and finish the space, and it’s nice to kick off your sandals and have your feet touch something comfy and soft. Make sure they are made from materials designed for the outdoors. The material must be hard-wearing to withstand the elements, so choose a rug made for the outdoors.  Outdoor rugs will be exposed to more wear and tear. You will need to be able to sweep or hose them off.  Always read the cleaning instructions before getting your outdoor rug wet. Use a rug pad under the outdoor rug, too, as this helps circulate air, reducing mildew and bacteria, and keep the rug in place.  I love the patterns and colours of outdoor rugs. They can brighten up your outdoor space and give you a focal point.

Rugs over carpets!! Should it be done?

If you have a wall-to-wall carpet in your bedroom or lounge, do not think you cannot have a rug in your room. Placing rugs on top of carpets adds a visual interest and cosiness. It can also be the perfect solution to cover old worn carpet.  Getting the contrast correct will be vital to completing the look.  Depending on the type of carpet you have will depend on the rug you purchase.  Short pile carpet works perfectly with thick, textured rugs, adding softness to the room.  If your carpet is plush or thick, a thinner or woven rug works better to break up the textures. Always use rug pads to hold the rug in place and avoid tripping.

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