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Where should lamps be placed in a room?

Lamps offer a soft, warm ambient light to the room. They work well in many areas of your home. We will help you decide if you need a floor lamp or table lamp and where the best placement is.

•       Near a power outlet works better for functionality.  

•       Soft glow light bulbs for ambient warmth.

. Height ratio to your furniture, getting the lamp shape and height right to compliment the room.

. Consider your home style and choose lamps that enhance the décor.

Front Entry lamps:

A console or entryway table screams for a lamp at the end. This also makes practical use, softly lighting the front interior entrance of your home. I love the look of a prominent feature lamp for this area. A table lamp usually works best depending on what other furniture you have in your front entry, making a beautiful statement piece.

Living Room Lamps:

If you are looking for a floor lamp, here are a few things to remember when placing the lamp in your living room. Look for the place in the room where light is lacking; this might be a dark corner just waiting for a beautiful tall floor lamp. A corner is a perfect place to keep the lamp out of high-traffic areas and create a feature in a bland space. Behind the lounge or sofa is another great spot and practical if you use the light for reading. Many stylish curved floor lamps provide a popular look behind the lounge. Look for tall floor lamps for corner areas; curved lamps are unsuitable for corner placement. You might have a large living room where multiple floor lamps will enhance the room, creating a layered lighting effect.

You might have an Occasional chair with a coffee table. This would be another perfect area to place a floor lamp. Curved lamps can also work well for this space, helping to brighten the space. Remember to choose soft-glow light bulbs. Your lamps should provide a relaxing highlight to the room.

If you have no space for a floor lamp, consider a small light or table lamp for the lounge room. Long TV cabinets with a bare corner are perfect places for a big, beautiful table lamp. You might have a console table in your lounge room where a table lamp at one end will complete the picture.

Bedroom Lamps:

Bedside tables/nightstands are prominent places to put a table lamp. Things to consider when choosing table lamps for the bedroom. The size does matter!! You will want to put other items on your bedside table/nightstand rather than a considerable lamp taking up most of the space. When it comes to the height of the lamp, you need to remember to balance the area with the bedhead visually. The rule to get this right is two-thirds the height of your bedside table/nightstand.

Lamps in your outdoor area:

As we spend more time entertaining outdoors, more fantastic products are emerging for the outdoors.  Outdoor lamps are in this category, so don’t worry if you do not have power points close to your entertaining area, as unique solar products are available.   Outdoor lamps come in beautiful shapes and sizes and can bring visually pleasing features to your outdoor space. If you have a pool, there are even floating outdoor solar lamps to create a brilliant, relaxing atmosphere.  Outdoor lamps help to extend the warm glow from your home into the night, allowing you to enjoy your yard for longer. Always choose outdoor lamps designed to withstand changing weather conditions and be weather-proof. 

Whether you choose a statement table lamp or a feature floor lamp, lamps bring a finishing touch to your room, adding warmth and cosy lighting.

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