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Who Is Soffa Magazine?

Soffa Mag: Your New Favourite Online Furniture & Style Magazine

Soffa Magazine is a global premium online magazine for everything you need to know about high-quality furniture, homewares, design and style. 

What Do We Do?

Appreciating the powerful lifestyle impact that quality design and style can have, Soffa Mag curates and researches the best selection of high-quality furniture and homewares for your home, office, business and other living spaces. 

Further to that, we put countless hours into producing the best cleaning, care, maintenance, repair, buyer and style guides possible – making it easy for you to not only find the perfect piece for your needs, but also protect and take care of your favourite finds!

Who Are We?

With combined backgrounds in building & design – Our team have restructured Soffa Magazine to inspire and educate people in the value of high-quality craftsmanship, styling and design.

Styling your home should be enjoyable – and finding the right products should be a simple continuation of that process.

Too often the process of finding the right item, making sure of its quality, evaluating the trustworthiness of the retailer, ordering the product and getting it delivered to you is exhausting.

It’s exhausting just typing it out!  

With combined backgrounds across industries including research, design, marketing, furniture and logistics – we are uniquely capable of curating the best products available to the market and creating articles that are of endless educational value to our readers

At Soffa Magazine we have done the hard work. You can browse our curated collections and educational articles knowing that everything you see is well made, the suppliers are reputable and trustworthy and your online experience is simple and safe.  

We make it easy. Welcome to Soffa Magazine

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