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Welcome To Soffa Mag

Welcome To Soffa Mag

Starting life as a bi-monthly design and lifestyle magazine, Soffa has moved with the times to become an online resource for those seeking inspiration and information in the field of furniture and interior design, as well as tips for their own living and life-style.

Founded in 2013 and changing hands and direction in 2020, Soffa continues to produce impeccably researched, unique and high-quality content that stems from our passion for design, beautiful interiors and creative people.

Soffa Magazine’s driving mission is to create the best content possible to help you achieve your ultimate design, style and lifestyle goals

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Where do you place rugs?

Rugs are perfect to add some warmth and style to your home. It does not matter if you have hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpet read on as we have great tips on rug placement and which rooms, they work well in.


Where to hang pictures in your home

There are no rules about where to hang pictures or artwork in your home after all the choice is up to you, but we have a few suggestions that might help you decide.  


How to Get Dog Pee Smells & Stains out of the Carpet.

Do you have dog pee staining and smelling up your carpets? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With a few simple steps and supplies, you can get rid of both the stains and odors quickly and easily.


How many throw blankets does my home need?

Throw blankets are a styling must and we have a few tips on the best rooms in your home to have them..


Little girl lying on rug with yorkshire terrier smiling at camera at home in the living room

How To Freshen Carpet and Revitalize your home like a Pro.

Are you tired of your carpet smelling less than fresh? Do you long for that inviting, clean scent every time…

Untitled design

How to Get Putty Out of Carpet

Accidents happen, and when they do, they often leave us marvelling at the most interesting and frustrating problems – like getting putty stuck in your carpet.  

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