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How To Clean Laminate Floors Without Residue – 2 Super Easy Methods

There is nothing worse than cleaning your home and mopping the floors just to see streaks or residue all over your laminate flooring.

But don’t worry – this happens to the best of us! Luckily, we’re here to show you that there is a way to stop this from happening.

Read on below for our easy guide on how to clean laminate floors without residue

Why You Should Choose Laminate Flooring

how to clean laminate floors without residue

Despite the possibility of streaks, there is much to love about laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is great because it’s durable, easy to install, affordable, and long-lasting. It also looks great and can add value to your home.

There are many different types of laminate flooring available today including vinyl, hardwood, cork, bamboo, and more.

One of our favorite things about laminate flooring is the variety of finishes it comes in. From Ash to Oak and everything in between, you’re bound to find the style that suits your taste and home.

What Causes Streaks On Laminate Flooring?

In order to clean your laminate floors without leaving streaks, you need to understand what can cause it in the first place.

Here are the most common causes of streaky laminate flooring

Too Much Water

Less is best when it comes to how much water to use. Excess water can leave residue and prevent your floors from drying.

Excessive Use Of Cleaning Products

If you don’t use the right ratio of cleaning solution and water, residual chemicals from your cleaning product will build up and may leave streaks as you mop.

Using A Dirty Mop

It’s important to rinse your mop heap and change your water regularly when mopping. Otherwise, all the trapped dirt and gunk is just getting wiped over your floors as you mop.

Not Vacuuming First

Vacuuming your laminate floor before mopping is essential, any dirt or dust left on the floor will mix with your cleaning solution and leave a nasty residue behind.

How To Clean Laminate Floors Without Residue

If you want to see the best results, there are a few basic things to take care of before you start mopping.

Always Remove Dirt, Dust, And Debris First

The first thing that needs to be done when trying to clean your laminate flooring is to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris. This can be accomplished by vacuuming or sweeping.

If you are using a vacuum cleaner, make sure that you use the right attachment for your machine. You should also use a brush attachment if you have one available.

Use An All-Purpose Floor Cleaner

You will need to use an all-purpose floor cleaner in order to get rid of the stains on your laminate flooring without streaking. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the label.

Some cleaners may contain abrasives that could damage the finish on your floor.

Warm Up The Water

You should always warm up the water before using it to clean your floors. Warm water will help dissolve any soap scum that might be present on your floor while cold water tends to leave a residue.

What Equipment Do I Need To Clean Laminate Floors Without Leaving Residue?

Having the right equipment on hand makes any job go so much smoother. When it comes to cleaning laminate floors without residue these are the main tools you will need,

An Adjustable Spray Bottle

Using a spray bottle lets you target the areas of your floor that need extra attention. Make sure you get one that allows you to adjust between a squirt or a fine spray.

A Microfiber Mop With A Flat Head

A super-absorbent microfiber mop is the best way to clean laminate floors without leaving behind residue. You can also get one with a sprayer attached for super easy and accurate dispensing of your preferred natural cleaning solution.

If you have one already, you can use a steam mop to clean your laminate floors.

Your Preferred Cleaning Solution

It goes without saying that you need your chosen cleaning product on hand before you start. You can choose a store-bought laminate floor cleaner, or check out how easy it is to make your own below.

Products You Should Avoid Using On Your Floors

There are a few products that you should not use if you are trying to avoid leaving streaks after cleaning your laminate floors:

  • Wax-based products
  • Oil-based products
  • Any product containing ammonia

We believe that it’s always better to avoid using harsh chemicals when possible. (Have you seen our natural DIY carpet cleaner guide?)

How To Naturally Clean Laminate Floors Without Streaking

Clean Laminate Floors With Soap & Water

  1. Use your microfiber mop to evenly spread warm water and dish soap over your floor.
  2. Let the soapy solution sit on the surface for about 10 minutes before you begin mopping. This will help loosen up any dirt that may have stuck to the surface.
  3. When mopping, it’s best to use short even strokes, in the direction of the grain to minimize the chances of streaky floors.
  4. Once the surface has been cleaned, let it dry completely and apply a new layer of wax or sealant if desired.

Clean Laminate Floors With Vinegar & Water

  1. Mix one part white vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle. Spray onto the floor and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Then, wipe off using your microfiber mop or a damp cloth.
  2. Rinse well with water and pay particular attention to any stubborn stains and watermarks.
  3. Apply another coat of wax or sealant if desired.

You’re done! Your floors are now clean without leaving behind any streaks or residue!

For some more cleaning and care tips for laminate floors, check out this helpful video from Clean My Space.

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