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How To Get Stains Out Of A Mattress

Even if you do not eat or drink around your mattress, it can still easily get stained. Those stains can add up and if you fail to regularly clean it, your mattress can soon start smelling really bad. You may be tempted to throw the mattress out yet you should keep it and simply get rid of those stains.

Mattresses are meant to provide comfort and support while you sleep and they can be expensive for the most comfortable ones. They also absorb moisture from our bodies which keeps us cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, that absorption means that mattresses can become dirty or even moldy in a short space of time.

Before your mattress becomes truly disgusting you can learn how to remove specific stains so that it looks and smells brand-new. Here are some ways to remove stains from your mattress without having to replace it.

How To Remove A Blood Stain From Your Mattress

Unfortunately, blood is quite a regular stain that you will have to remove from your mattress. However, there is a specific method to clean it which you should know. Grab a small bowl and create a paste that will clean then remove the bloodstain. 

For this paste, you will need some cupboard ingredients which include half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, half a cup of cornstarch, and a teaspoon of salt. Mix that up until it resembles a paste then use a spoon to apply it to the bloodstain and give it about half an hour.

The next step requires a used toothbrush to effectively scrub the paste into the bloodstain. The stain should be removed so you can pour some cold water onto the area then use a clean towel to dab away any remaining cleaning paste and hopefully lift the stain. 

However, if the blood stain has not been removed, repeat the process until it has vanished.  

Just like any stain, you will want to allow the area to dry in the air to keep it exposed. Once the mattress is dry, you can apply your clean bed linen. If there is one thing not to do with a bloodstain, it is to apply hot water as you will make it worse. 

The stain will effectively be set into the mattress and it may prove impossible to remove. This is also known as mattress spot cleaning.

How To Get Rid Of Urine Stains From Your Mattress

How To Get Stains Out Of A Mattress

Urine stains do occasionally occur on a mattress and they can be particularly stubborn to remove. There is also the smell to deal with which can get worse the longer you leave it. You will require some specific items and a bit of scrubbing effort to get rid of a urine stain but it is worth it. 

If this is a brand-new urine stain then you can try to blot away some of the excess liquid with a clean cloth, though you should wear some plastic gloves.

Your next step to removing a urine stain is to pre-treat it with some white vinegar which will help to neutralize the pungent odor and clean the area. If the odor persists, spray on some more white vinegar and repeat the blotting.

Now you can get started actively removing your urine stain and you can create your urine cleaner. Use an empty spray bottle and blend a cup of hydrogen peroxide with three tablespoons of baking soda and around two to three drops of dish soap. 

As your urine stain can be quite pungent, you can add in some essential oil to deal with the odor such as lavender or rose. Spray the cleaner onto the urine stain then leave it to soak in for around ten minutes.

The urine stain should be removed yet the area may still be damp and that odor may persist. One easy trick to finish off cleaning your urine stain is to sprinkle on some baking soda which will effectively soak up any of that lasting moisture and odor. 

Give the baking soda another ten minutes then use a vacuum cleaner with the specific upholstery attachment on to clean it up. The baking soda method is a great way to clean a memory foam mattress too. 

How To Remove A Vomit Stain From Your Mattress

Vomit can be a nasty stain to remove and there could be so much of it. You should first remove all the bedding and put those soiled sheets into the wash to deal with the bulk of the mess.

Once you have the mattress exposed, use an empty spray bottle and create your DIY cleaner. Combine equal parts of water and white vinegar to spray on the stain to help remove it.

The white vinegar will help to eradicate part of the smell and you can blot the area with a clean cloth. If the solution has not worked the first time you should repeat the process until the stain has gone. Just like the urine stain, you should sprinkle on some baking soda over the wet patch then hoover it all up after an hour. 

There may still be some moisture present so you should leave the mattress exposed to air dry.

How To Get Rid Of A Wine Stain From Your Mattress

If you do enjoy the odd glass of wine in bed then the odd stain may occur. If it does, do not worry. Grab some sparkling water and dab it onto the stain. You can also use some table salt to soak up the wine which you can then remove with a vacuum cleaner after letting it dry.

If you’re a ‘wine in bed’ kinda guy or gal – be extra careful if you have an electric blanket as it can make things a bit trickier if you spill it.

How To Clean Your Mattress For Regular Stains

It could be a fresh coffee stain or simply a stain that you have not noticed before but you should still want to remove it. Firstly, you want to check if the stain is still wet and if it is, you can try to soak up as much of the liquid with a clean cloth and some gentle blotting. 

Try not to rub or roughly scrub the stain as you may well be making it worse as the stain will penetrate the mattress.

After you have finished blotting, spray on your chosen mattress cleaner once you work out what the stain is. If you do not have a specific cleaning brand or an available bottle, you can easily make your own.

Find an empty spray bottle and combine half a cup of warm water, half a cup of white vinegar, and just a teaspoon of dish soap. 

Apply the spray on your liquid cleaner until it has all been absorbed then carry out some more blotting until the stain has been removed.

If the stain remains then repeat the spraying of your cleaner and blot it all over again. Once the stain has been removed you should let the surrounding area fully dry and then you can replace the bed linen.

Final Thoughts

With any stain, you should aim to dab up as much of it as quickly as you can. Do not feel tempted to scrub or wipe the stain as this could make it worse and spread it into a bigger area. For effective dabbing, you should use a clean cloth rather than a paper towel which can quickly disintegrate. 

When you are applying a homemade cleaner or a branded one, try not to get the mattress too wet as that could make your task even longer.

You should always try to clean up any stains that may get onto your mattress. However, you should also ensure that you clean your bed linen too.

This should be on a cool wash as a hot one will be like applying hot water which would spread the stain, just as it would on your mattress. 

Different liquids also require different substances to remove them; some need white vinegar to help remove an odor or hydrogen peroxide to bleach out a stain so make sure you are using the right one.

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